Next release target: 7.4.1

XenServer based, Community Powered.

Since our first release and its huge number of downloads, we got enough feedback to make a new release in the coming weeks (depending on how fast we could build some stuff). Let’s see first how we’ll deal with doing new release in short term.


We are using semantic versioning. Basically, to stay aligned with XenServer releases, we’ll keep major.minor from Citrix. But last number (patch) will add improvements on top.

So what about 7.4.1 improvements?

7.4.1 objectives

We have 3 main things to improve:

  • re-encode the ISO properlly for people using Windows. Indeed, a Linux mount to access the files (or install it) works flawlessly, but it’s not the case if you mount it from Windows, for example to exctract files to do a NFS/HTTP install. This will be fixed.
  • add an extra package that will clean some remaining trademarks reported at various place
  • add our RPM repository thanks to the previous package, to allow a simple yum upgrade for next releases in the future (eg to keep the pace if there is “patches” on Citrix XenServer side).
  • re-pack and rebrand XenCenter to support XCP-ng, and embed the result in the new ISO.

Obviously, we are still experimenting and the release model could change a bit in the future. But we are confident to streamline the process with more experience, release after release.

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  1. Alan Osborne says:

    Great project, keep up the good work!

    The Intel NUC Skull Canyon edition is very popular as a test bed. Unfortunately, it has only one NIC. However, for VMware and HyperV, people use USB NIC adapters (ie ASIX AX88179 chipset) to add additional NICs. However, no one seems to have had success with XenServer. Would be excellent to see driver support added to XCP-NG.

  2. Evpata Knur says:

    Hi. Tell me, how to manage xcp-ng? xencenter does not work with xcp-ng. What else you can control except for XOA and CLI?

  3. mosaicwang says:

    where can download 7.4.1?

  4. Jose Oliveira says:

    I’m using the release 7.4 and everything is going well, but i didn’t find a way to install/upgrade then xen-tools of my VMs. Could you help me how i install xen-tools pack in XCP-NG?

  5. Daniel says:

    Hot add vCPU (Increase Max Cores) e RAM/Memory will be possible?

  6. Davide says:

    Hi everybody, only to say a great, enormous THANK YOU !!!

  7. Mike Grellmann says:

    Awesome – JFA – pardon my French.

  8. Juan says:

    You guys ROCK! thank you very much to all of you. Down here we really appreciate your time investment.

    Best regards

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