# Project

XCP-ng is not just a "product" or a solution, it's also a great project with a great community!

A long time ago there was the free hypervisor Xen Cloud Platform - XCP (opens new window) and its commercial version Citrix XenServer. Later Citrix open sourced XenServer, so XCP was no longer needed and discontinued.

But since XenServer 7.3, Citrix removed a lot of features from the free version. The project founder Olivier Lambert wanted to have a free, community based, unrestricted open source hypervisor with the spirit of XCP and so he called his new project XCP New Generation, in short XCP-ng.

The goal of XCP-ng is to make a fully community backed version of XenServer, without any feature restrictions.

# Community

Most of the community is on XCP-ng Forum (opens new window). Feel free go there and ask anything!

There's also a Twitter account (opens new window) and an IRC channel available on OFTC: #xcp-ng

# History of XCP-ng

Here is a video recorded at FOSDEM19: