# Roadmap

The goal of this document is to give you a hint of what's next. However, since all topics are very complex, there's no real order or target date. In general, our priorities are:

  • security
  • simplicity and flexibility
  • performance and scalability

# In tech preview

Technology that is here, but not officially released for production usage.

# In progress

Things we started to work on, but are not usable/visible yet.

  • SMAPIv3 evolution (storage)
  • Q35 emulation support (Xen)
  • New metrics (Xen/platform)
  • Xen RISC-V port (Xen)
  • Host secure boot (Xen/platform)
  • New signed Windows PV drivers (guest drivers)
  • Intel igc driver support (dom0 drivers)
  • Improved automated CI (build)
  • SPDK-based blkif backend (platform)
  • DPU Support (opens new window) (storage/platform)

# Spec/Design/PoC

Features that are being discussed or designed, but not even partly coded.

# Done

  • Guest UEFI secure boot (2022)
  • Core scheduling (2020)
  • SDN OpenFlow (2020)
  • Restore VMs with their memory (2020)
  • Cross/multi pools private network in GRE/VxLAN (2020)
  • Netdata dedicated RPM (2019)
  • Citrix DVSC replacement by XO plugin (2019)
  • Full SMAPIv1 SR stack ZFS support, done with ZoL 0.8.1 (2019)
  • Netinstaller checking GPG (2019)
  • Netdata in XCP-ng with Xen metrics (opens new window) (2019)
  • zstd support for VM export/import (2019)
  • xfs local SR support SMAPIv1 (2019)
  • ext4 local SR support SMAPIv1 (2019)
  • Terraform support (2019)
  • More recent (4.9) kernel usage in dom0 (2018)
  • Signed Windows PV tools (2018)
  • Cloudstack compatibility (2018)
  • Upgrade detection and upgrade with updater plugin (2018)
  • Extra package repo (2018)

# Backlog

This is a kind of wish list, without any priorities, where we try to put some ideas.

# Compute

  • Xen live patching
  • VM memory encryption
  • VM storage migration improvement #145 (opens new window)
  • More recent Xen in alternate repo
  • MxGPU integration out-of-the-box
  • Faster Xen Motion (compression in xenops?)

# Storage

  • SMAPIv3 qcow2 export/import
  • SMAPIv3 new drivers
  • VDI export with compression (including zstd)
  • SMAPIv3 Ceph support
  • Coalesce process improvement (raw speed, rewrite, multicore?) #127 (opens new window)
  • Faster Xen Storage Motion (using on the fly compression for disk content? remove stunnel?)
  • SMAPIv3 full ZFS driver (using pyzfs with it)
  • NVMe driver for near bare metal perfs (specification in progress)
  • smarctl alerts (specification in progress)
  • General storage perf improvement
  • Thin pro on block based SR (architectural review needed)

# Network

  • DPDK support


  • XAPI HTTP lib 1.1 replacement (removing stunnel)
  • ISO upload in SR ISO
  • JSON-RPC compression support

# Platform/Installer

  • Conversion tool (facilitate migration to XCP-ng)
  • Installer using ext4 for dom0
  • Installer allow join pool directly during install
  • Expose repo URL/modification from XAPI (possibility to use XOA with apt-cacher-ng)
  • Improved provisioning support (Ansible…)
  • Automated tests
  • new RPM tracking in CentOS (Anitya)