Remotes not mounted after upgrade

  • Using XOA from the sources, upgraded with git. It looks okay except the remotes are not mounted - should there be entries in /etc/fstab? It is empty apart from / and swap

  • XCP-ng Team

    If it's from the sources, it's just XO not XOA 😉 (XOA is the turnkey virtual appliance available from

    And no, remote aren't mounted via fstab, it's XO itself that mount them when needed. Check the Settings/remote view, and click on "Connect" if it's not connected.

  • XO it is! When trying to connect, it returns messages like "no such remote deba2cbe-a610-47d8-99f2-14d49d08ab95"
    The mount points are there under /run/xo-server/mounts.
    Eventually NFS times out. I can connect to the same shares from XCP-ng as remote storage, so the NFS sharing is fine.

    Running the same mount command from command line in XO also times out

  • It looks like I can remove the remotes and set them up again, and configure the backup jobs to address the new share. That's okay, there are not too many.

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