XCP-ng Windows PV Drivers 8.2.2

  • Tested on Windows 10 1903 (French locale as usual), seems good too and easier than ever.
    I let you know if something bad happens.

  • So I haven't been able to install these drivers on Win 10 Pro 64-bit build 1903.
    Running the setup.exe file, it goes through the motions until I get an error box that says "Windows Management Agent failed to install".

    I then re-run setup and choose "Repair" and it goes through the motions and finally tells me at the end it was installed. However, upon reboot, I'm greeted with a BSOD and the stop code is "Inaccessible Boot Device.".

    This is a brand new Win 10 install. I made sure to grab system updates first. I have to revert the snapshot to get the system back.

  • XCP-ng Team

    What's the OS language? (yeah, it might be important in Windows world…)

  • @olivierlambert said in XCP-ng Windows PV Drivers 8.2.2:

    What's the OS language? (yeah, it might be important in Windows world…)

    Its English. Just plain ol'e English USA x64 Win 10 Pro.

  • XCP-ng Team

    Okay I'll try again to test to see if I can reproduce, but last time I did it worked well. Are you using the Win 10 template?

  • Yes. When I created the VM, I chose the Win 10 64-bit template.

    Are there separate drivers? One from the Win update repo and then this one?

  • XCP-ng Team

    Don't use both! From Windows updates, they are Citrix drivers. They can enter in conflict with ours. Despite the code is the same, the signature is not and they probably can compete each other.

  • Well then that is the problem. The "Get Windows Update" is defaulted to "On" I think. I didn't know they essentially do similar things.

    I need to create a new VM then and make sure I turn off that feature before booting the Win 10 image. Then I can install your set.

  • XCP-ng Team

    It's not defaulted on "on", except if it's a custom template. If you chose to have Windows update driver, then don't install PV drivers manually.

  • XCP-ng Team

    I did a test on my side: works well with our driver package:


  • Mine shows "Allow Windows update" or something similar and I didn't enable that.

    I know I used a template. I'll remove and recreate the VM and see if it defaults the Win update setting.

    I appreciate you checking. Good to know it's working. I just need to see why Windows update pulled it in.

    Is there any difference between the two or is it same things with different names?

  • XCP-ng Team

    Yes, just leave "Windows Update tools" disabled, that's it 🙂

  • Thanks Olivier. Loving the lab I setup so far. Really impressed with the entire infrastructure you guys have managed to put together.

  • @olivierlambert So I just created a new Win 10 VM and made sure to use the template. I created this VM in the XCP-NG XenCenter. I then went into XOA and "Windows Update Tools" is checked to the on position by default.

    This is what the problem I had earlier was. The VM defaults to grabbing the guest tools from the WU server. So if you boot up the 1st time with this configuration, it will grab the Citrix tools 1st and you can't install the community tools.

  • Will the XCP-NG Windows PV Drivers fixed the network bottleneck issues? I have XenServer drivers installed and a 1Gb connection but only getting 100kbps speed from any of the windows VMs

  • XCP-ng Team

    @FPIT with PV tools, you should have 1Gbit network transfer rate, yes. This speed you have is more like the default emulated hardware.

  • @olivierlambert I have Xenserver PV drivers but it says they are from 2017 and I have a windows 10 computer hosting quickbooks and an employee is having terrible performance issues but we didnt have these performance issues with Hyper-V. Could it be related to the PV drivers being out of date?

  • XCP-ng Team

    Check in the device manager to see if all PV drivers are installed. Eg the network interface shouldn't be Realtek 8139 but Xen PV NIC or something like that.

  • Yea I did the windowsupdate checkbox in XO for the windows computers, but we still seem to have the same issues. I saw that broadcom NICs have performance problems with Xen and in general so that might be it. Im going to update the firmware and see and also add another network card to see if its the NICs in general. But im also gonna test the XCP-NG version windows drivers to see if they may be more compatible.

  • XCP-ng Team

    Please tell us about the NIC name in the device manager.

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