Clean up "old version of guest-tools.iso"

  • Hi,

    I noticed when using XOA and want to attach an iso to a vm (most of the times the guest-tools), there is a long list of previous versions of the guest-tools visible before I can select the actual version.
    XCPng-center does not show the "old version of guest-tools.iso" entries.

    In XOA I can see there is a storage repository "XCP-ng Tools ISOs" containing the old and actual ISO's, but when I try to delete the old ones I get an error "SR_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED(OpaqueRef:4143d1cc-96b6-aed3-30b8-51aaeb78ff54)"
    (This repository is not visible in xcpng-center by the way)

    Is there a way to clean up the old guest-tool iso's, or instruct xoa not to show the old version entries just like xcpng-center?

  • XCP-ng Team

    That's a good question, IDK. There is the same behavior on XenServer.

  • @HeMaN - if you're still looking to clean up the old guest-tools.iso, give this a try:

    xe vdi-list sr-uuid=<uuid of XCP-ng Tools SR>

    This will give you a list of VIDs. Find the one you want to remove and then execute:

    xe vdi-forget uuid=<uuid of VID>

    Rinse and repeat till all the old guest tools are removed and you won't see them in XOA.

  • @axiom00

    Thank you for your answer, this worked great.
    Was able to clean the entire list of old versions this way.

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