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  • XCP-ng Team

    FYI, I took time to write xe CLI reference guide for XCP-ng too:


  • I also found the "xe secret-create value=my-password" to produce the UUID in the doc.

    Now iLO is configured on the master for both of my hosts.

    I am unable to kill/cancel the previous power on attempt from XO web.

    Async.host.power_on (on xcpng01) 0%

    Is there a way to clear this?

  • XCP-ng Team

    Restart the toolstack on the master 🙂

  • Restarting the toolstack from XO or XCP-ng didn't clear it.

    I'm manually powering up host 2 to migrate all VMs and change the pool master so I can reboot host1.

  • The unresolved task disappeared once host2 became available.

  • Now that host1 is powered off.

    Parameters seem ok.

    power-on-mode ( RO): iLO
    power-on-config (MRO): power_on_ip:; power_on_user: Administrator; power_on_password_secret: 94171423-9ac2-beac-6b87-81699a0a7de6


    xe host-power-on host=cdb42b94-7ec6-47b4-aaef-d4c52f6bd7b3

    The cursor sits at column 1 after the newline from the command and never times out.

    I know this isn't an XO problem, but in case somebody else gets this far...

    From the xensource.log

    May 14 11:06:45 xcpng02 xapi: [ info||5026 UNIX /var/lib/xcp/xapi||cli] xe host-power-on host=cdb42b94-7ec6-47b4-aaef-d4c52f6bd7b3 username=root password=(omitted)
    May 14 11:06:45 xcpng02 xapi: [ info||5026 UNIX /var/lib/xcp/xapi|session.login_with_password D:880acf326f2a|xapi] Session.create trackid=981ff975a6b71268bf97af6cf52b6c96 pool=false uname=root originator=cli is_local_superuser=true auth_user_sid= parent=trackid=9834f5af41c964e225f24279aefe4e49
    May 14 11:06:45 xcpng02 xapi: [debug||5027 UNIX /var/lib/xcp/xapi||dummytaskhelper] task dispatch:pool.get_all D:f5013af2302b created by task D:880acf326f2a
    May 14 11:06:45 xcpng02 xapi: [debug||5026 UNIX /var/lib/xcp/xapi|host.power_on R:97714a622dc3|audit] Host.power_on: host = 'cdb42b94-7ec6-47b4-aaef-d4c52f6bd7b3 (xcpng01)'
    May 14 11:06:45 xcpng02 xapi: [debug||5029 UNIX /var/lib/xcp/xapi||dummytaskhelper] task dispatch:session.logout D:aea00adbbc6a created by task D:5292ea4ccdb8
    May 14 11:06:45 xcpng02 xapi: [ info||5029 UNIX /var/lib/xcp/xapi|session.logout D:d10858afe74a|xapi] Session.destroy trackid=220441f1f21a1564d410801d86460ab1
    May 14 11:06:45 xcpng02 xapi: [debug||5030 UNIX /var/lib/xcp/xapi||dummytaskhelper] task dispatch:session.slave_login D:2b34221718c5 created by task D:5292ea4ccdb8
    May 14 11:06:45 xcpng02 xapi: [ info||5030 UNIX /var/lib/xcp/xapi|session.slave_login D:0072d08cd959|xapi] Session.create trackid=00f2456aa8d5ace26679a22fad62c265 pool=true uname= originator=xapi is_local_superuser=true auth_user_sid= parent=trackid=9834f5af41c964e225f24279aefe4e49

    I'm going to have to get into tcpdump to find out what is going on there.

  • XCP-ng Team

    Are you trying to power on the master? If yes, it won't work, only the master can boot slaves.

  • @olivierlambert No, I'm on the master trying to power on the slave.

  • Async.host.power_on  (on xcpnghost1) 0%

    Persists in the web UI Tasks panel no matter what I do.
    Restarted toolstack,
    Shut down the entire environment and restarted.
    No way to cancel it or delete it.

  • XCP-ng Team

    Are you sure it's not a XO refresh issue?

  • @olivierlambert It's been there since I played with power on function that failed.

    Where is this task event stored? On the master? On XO?

    How can I query it from a command line?

  • XCP-ng Team

    xe task-list on any pool member

  • @olivierlambert said in Power on function:

    xe task-list

    Oh, that was too easy. There it is.

    uuid ( RO)                : e1896255-fbec-76d6-c2f4-9c2829c1f72b
              name-label ( RO): Async.host.power_on
        name-description ( RO):
                  status ( RO): pending
                progress ( RO): 0.000
    xe task-cancel uuid=e1896255-fbec-76d6-c2f4-9c2829c1f72b

    Doesn't cancel it.

  • XCP-ng Team

    Okay and a toolstack restart on the master doesn't clean it?

  • @olivierlambert It did now but never did before 😕

    I wonder if it is because the same host the command was run against was the master at the time and is now. Perhaps server 2 as master previously failed when the command was on server 1.

    Makes no sense to me. All good for now. Thank you.

  • @olivierlambert Nope, I didn't wait long enough. It's back.

    uuid ( RO)                : 4d1971f4-4895-78c8-2856-d679d457b75e
              name-label ( RO): Async.host.power_on
        name-description ( RO):
                  status ( RO): pending
                progress ( RO): 0.000

  • XCP-ng Team

    It's not the same task (new UUID)

  • @olivierlambert correct, which tells me it has been added again by something else. XO? Where I initated the command originally?

  • XCP-ng Team

    You can check who did this in the audit.log file of your master 🙂

  • @olivierlambert

    Jul  8 10:58:09 xcpng01 xapi: [20200708T15:58:09.775Z|audit||104166 INET :::80|task.destroy D:b3c0abbbd938|audit] ('trackid=68849bbe6e0a22d9b0b024c21c2b6e36' 'LOCAL_SUPERUSER' 'root' 'ALLOWED' 'OK' 'API' 'task.destroy' (('self' 'Async.host.power_on' '3450e4eb-9a11-24ba-5e0c-699ff352028b' 'OpaqueRef:99fd01c3-535d-4334-bb92-c4cb4f84f16c')))
    Jul  8 11:51:16 xcpng01 xapi: [20200708T16:51:16.956Z|audit||108793 UNIX /var/lib/xcp/xapi|task.cancel D:05f4e18101a6|audit] ('trackid=e49c5c3a24fed047e0aa1a3ed7b47ab3' 'LOCAL_SUPERUSER' 'root' 'ALLOWED' 'OK' 'API' 'task.cancel' (('task' 'Async.host.power_on' 'e1896255-fbec-76d6-c2f4-9c2829c1f72b' 'OpaqueRef:083c7658-c1e5-46d7-bf9c-3b809be635d6')))

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