• Hi everyone, I was comparing XO versions, from free to premium and have some doubts. I'm not the person who must ask for a quote but the one who point which version ask for, so my question is. where is the diference between enterprise, premium, xcpng-standard and xcpng-enterprise?, the producto matrix doesn't show xcpng licences features.
    Secondly, if the prices for starter, stantard and premiun are on the web, ¿why ask for a quote?, ¿any kinf of disccount?

    Thanks in advance

  • XCP-ng Team


    Don't mix Xen Orchestra support and XCP-ng support. They are 2 different things.

    • XOA is the management/backup/cloud-like tool on top of XCP-ng. There's multiple editions you saw on https://xen-orchestra.com/#!/featuresmatrix Pricing is flat (one XOA for all your hosts regardless the number is totally possible)
    • XCP-ng is the virtualization platform, where you can have pro support on https://xcp-ng.com with 2 level of support. Pricing is per physical host (not core nor RAM or whatever)

    We can bundle those 2 offers in one single quote if you like. Yes, our public pricing is fully transparent, but a lot of companies like to have a formal quote before purchasing anything. Some don't. But we had to provide that.

  • Thanks for your reply, everything clear, I didn't catch it, beeing in the same website I though some kind of special license for XO over XCP-NG and didn't think it was a quote for xcp-ng hypervisor support. Just a couple of questins more, is XO flat price for one pool (any number of hosts in it) or for any number of pools (any number of hosts in each one)?, because I've already have 6 pools, 4 of them only 2 host members each and the others 2 pools are 5 and 6 host members respectively.
    Finally, my hardware is 4 years old in some pools, and is not officialy supported in xcp-ng, but working anyway, for instance lenovo x240M5, is this a problem to purchase XO or XCP-NG support?, not beeing a supported HW, I suppose is not possible for XCP-NG, but XO works over XEN API, which is supported depending on the SW version, not HW, but SW is supported depending a HW, so not sure if it's possible to pay for a support in this situation.

    Thanks again

  • XCP-ng Team

    XOA pricing is per XOA. So as you'll need only one XOA for your entire infrastructure (which is 90% of use cases), then one subscription only 🙂 Regardless the number of pools, hosts/whatever.

    Regarding XCP-ng support, we do it on best-effort basis. So in short, we'll do our best to support you even if the hardware isn't in the Citrix HCL. However, we are not wizards, if you have problems specifically related to your hardware that doesn't work or broken, there's nothing we can do 🙂

    So no problem to take XO and XCP-ng support regardless the hardware!

  • Everything clear.

  • XCP-ng Team

    You are welcome 🙂

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