• Hi,

    i have two pools: One pool with five Hosts (~60 VMs) and one pool with one host (with ~30 VMs) and i want to merge these two. Is this possible? And how?

    Unfortunately I could not find anything related to this.

  • Yes, it's technically possible, as long as the underlying hardware is compatible. For example, you can't put a server using AMD processors into a pool with Intel processors.

    The server being moved into the existing pool will lose its local storage and all VMs stored there, so you will need to migrate those VMs to the main pool before the server is merged. Afterwards, you can move them back if desired.

  • In other words, you must empty the host before add it to the primary pool, of course, you can migrate VM from one pool to another. And if your hw is not the same, but similar, you'll have an heterogeneous pool.

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