New UEFI implementation for VMs

  • XCP-ng Team

    The new implementation of UEFI support for VMs just landed through the last update to XCP-ng 8.2 beta.

    With this update, our new implementation should bring UEFI support that is equivalent to what we had in XCP-ng 8.1. A future update should bring SecureBoot support.

    yum update will install uefistored-0.2.1-1.xcpng8.2.x86_64, then a simple xe-toolstack-restart will take it into account.

    @beshleman, the main developer of this component, wants your feedback now and is available to help debugging any issue. Both success- and failure- stories are interesting.

    Here are a few test ideas:

    • Create and install a new UEFI Windows VM (with various versions of windows)
    • Create and install a new UEFI Linux VM (various distros)
    • Export a UEFI VM from XCP-ng 8.0 or 8.1 and import it on XCP-ng 8.2, then check it works
    • Live migrate a UEFI VM from XCP-ng 8.1 to 8.2, and check it still works after a reboot
    • (Live migrate a UEFI VM from XCP-ng 8.0 to 8.2 : expected to fail or crash the VM)
    • Pause/Suspend/Resume/Live migrate UEFI VMs
    • Perform a 2-host (or more) pool upgrade from XCP-ng 8.1 to 8.2 with UEFI VMs on, check that they all survive the upgrade process (no crash) and check that they can be shutdown and started again.
    • Any other idea from a tester's twisted mind
    • @beshleman may add more test suggestions
  • XCP-ng Team

    A few other test ideas:

    • Install onto your Linux guest the efitools package and set/modify/delete variables at random, or do the same via /sys/firmware/efi/efivars.

    Note: PK/KEK/db/dbx variables should gracefully return an error or set successfully, but not actually be used on reboot. The next Secure Boot update will have these operational.

  • Initial brief test seems ok 👍
    Will see if i can do more of the tests later...

    Updated from 8.1 via yum which caused windows 10 & windows 2019 server to hang on the tiano logo.
    Interestingly a debian 10 uefi vm worked fine...

    After the update to uefistored both windows VMs started in recovery and did whatever it is windows does besides spin dots on your screen 🤔
    After a reboot both Windows 10 2004 and windows 2019 server booted just fine 👍

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