Backups stuck at "started" when it looks like they finished

  • Hi, last night I had multiple backup jobs that in the schedule it says "started" still but in the restore tab you can see the backups as if they are completed. The logs also seem to have "success" throughout. Any ideas or what went wrong? Should I just restarted XO and hope all is well now?

  • @Rocky was it a one-off or has happened many times?

  • @tony It was just a one-off. I've been using XO for snapshots and delta backups and it's been working great. Even this 1 time the backups were still fine, it was just a GUI status and email issue I guess. I just rebooted my XO VM and everything was fine after that. After I rebooted the status was "interrupted" until the next time the job ran, and it ran fine.

  • @Rocky most like a connection issue, but since you already restarted I think the logs are already gone. If it was a one-off I wouldn't worry about it (but do make sure that the backup is actually working, may be a good idea to do another full backup).

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