CoreOS - Docker on XCP-ng working (ish) - Hopefully this helps someone

  • So after parking CoreOS for nearly a year, and after noticing some edits and commits had been made I decided to give it another go; this time with success…. Yipppeee

    • XCP-ng 8.0.0 with latest patches
    • CoreOS version is Container Linux 2303.3.0
    • XO from sources - xo-server 5.54.0

    There are a few buts and pointers though!!

    Deploying the VM did not work from XO (from sources, just a homelabber here); the config disc was not created.

    So reverting to XCP-ng Centre…….

    Following for general guidance – BUT I was unable to log in with my SSH key.

    This is fixed by enclosing the key in “ “ thus, my cloud-config was

    hostname: %VMNAMETOHOSTNAME%
      - “ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC……………………..syQ4cJYnG70BqQJZVqo5fGcIQP9j5UY1 user@host"
      # - ssh-rsa <Your public key>
      # The following entry will automatically be replaced with a public key
      # generated by container management plugin. The key-entry must exist,
      # in order to enable container management for this VM.
      - ssh-rsa %CONTAINERRSAPUB%
        - name: etcd-member.service
          command: start
        # Hypervisor Linux Guest Agent
        - name: xe-linux-distribution.service
          command: start
          content: |
            Description=Hypervisor Linux Guest Agent
            ExecStartPre=/media/configdrive/agent/xe-linux-distribution /var/cache/xe-linux-distribution
        name: %VMNAMETOHOSTNAME%
        # generate a new token for each unique cluster from
        # specify the initial cluster size using ?size=X
        # discovery: "<token>"
      # Enable ARP notifications for smooth network recovery after migrations
      - path: /etc/sysctl.d/10-enable-arp-notify.conf
        permissions: 0644
        owner: root
        content: |
          net.ipv4.conf.all.arp_notify = 1
    # Template loaded from /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/xscontainer/data/cloud-config.template

    Following the rest of the guide everything appeared to go well.

    Launching a container and then the next issue, it doesnt show in XO or XCP-ng Centre. Following this post and vola, all working.

    Now I have a working mater a fast clone avoids any of these issues for additioanl hosts.

    Creating a container without –restart always does not allow me to start / restart / stop it from XO, not the end of the world, looks like this has been found

    Happy to try and help resolve any of these 'issues', test and provide logs etc. etc.

  • @jmccoy555 Thanks, I was going mad.

  • I tried the commands in "can-t-start-docker-container-from-xoa" but it blew up unfortunately.

    xscontainer-prepare-vm -v 0390f015-9302-ccbd-e4af-1bbbba283cfd -u core
    Would you like to push a pool-specific public SSH key into the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file of the specified VM and therefore authorize hosts in the pool to interact with the containers inside the VM?
    Answer y/n:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/bin/xscontainer-prepare-vm", line 272, in <module>
      File "/usr/bin/xscontainer-prepare-vm", line 246, in main
        resultcode = _handle_ssh(session, options)
      File "/usr/bin/xscontainer-prepare-vm", line 139, in _handle_ssh
        resultcode = push_ssh_key(session, options.vmuuid, options.username)
      File "/usr/bin/xscontainer-prepare-vm", line 80, in push_ssh_key
    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'ERROR_CAUSE_NETWORK'

    Maybe related, when I tried to look at the current sshhostkey it said the parameter didn't exist.

    Not too concerned, portainer seems to be the go instead. But thought I'd report my experiences.

  • @pnunn Got it....

    guest tools hadn't installed correctly.

    Manually installed them.. ran the xscontainer-prepare-vm again and now have a container tab on the core OS machine showing the containers running.


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