XCP-ng 7.6 - Post Upgrade Excellent Report

  • Well, it's been more than a week now and have only good news to report with running 7.6.

    In fact, I'm rather stunned - as CPU usage / Load logging clearly demonstrates even significant performance gains on my my HomeLab production system (an i5 7200 Intel NUC-Like system with 6 Intel NICs & 24GB RAM / 500GB Samsung EVO SSD).

    Running 4 Linux VMs / a BSD VM / a Windows10 VM on XCP-NG 7.5 - CPU perf was averaging around 25% & Load was around 0.4-5 average when under light load.

    Now, running all those VMs on 7.6, CPU perf average has dropped to 10% and Load averages have also dropped to 0.1 - 0.15 under the same VM load as before.

    My two other XCP-NG - a Disaster Recovery box and a Test Bed (a laptop from 2009) also appear to have realised similar performance gains as well.

    I didn't see any mention of "performance gains" in this maintenance release, but I'm amazed and very impressed.

    I did do complete fresh Installs on my production system & DR Box, and only did an upgrade on my Test Bed laptop. All 3 migrations to 7.6 went without a hitch.

    Well done contributors and builders - well done indeed! 🙂

XCP-ng Pro Support

XCP-ng Pro Support