XCP Next Generation

XenServer based, Community Powered.


XCP-ng is the result of massive cooperation between individuals and companies, to deliver a product without limits.


No restrictions on features, all the XenServer power without any restrictions. Xen Storage Motion, vGPU, you name it.


Every bit of XCP-ng is available on GitHub. You can add features, or report any issues: contributions are welcome.

Latest News

XCP-ng Security Bulletin

Latest news regarding security on XCP-ng! For this first bulletin, it’s all about Foreshadow vulnerability, but also a specific XAPI problem. Take time to read it or at least stay[…]

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XCP-ng 7.5 upgrade

If you use XenServer or XCP-ng 7.4, follow our guide to upgrade to our latest XCP-ng 7.5! Upgrade from XCP-ng 7.4 Warnings: Always upgrade and reboot the pool master FIRST[…]

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XCP-ng 7.5

We did it! XCP-ng 7.5 is now available to download. It’s not just following XenServer 7.5 release, it also brings exclusive features and bug fixes. For those who are in[…]

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