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XCP-ng: the user-friendly, high-performance virtualization solution, developed collaboratively for unrestricted features and open-source accessibility.

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Turnkey Server Virtualization

Modern Web UI

Live migration



Use the powerful, web based, Xen Orchestra to manage your hosts

Live migrate your VMs all around the world, without interruption

Grow your own Cloud with more hosts when needed

Control your VMs on your own baremetal, no neighbors

Join our fast growing community

Where the community is the most active! Tons of good advice, use cases and people to help you.

Don't miss anything and follow XCP-ng on Twitter! Want to chat? Go to #xcp-ng on OFTC IRC.

GitHub is the place to report issues and contribute to the project. PRs are very welcome!

Spread the word by checking our store for XCP-ng swag: shirts, stickers, mugs and so on.

Easy To Install

Grab the latest 8.2 ISO here, then create your bootable USB key with:

dd if=xcp-ng-8.2.1.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8M oflag=direct

Then just boot on it!

On Windows, you can use Rufus to create the bootable USB stick.

SHA256: 93853aba9a71900fe43fd5a0082e2af6ab89acd14168f058ffc89d311690a412

Download the Net install ISO (150MiB), then create your bootable USB key:

dd if=xcp-ng-8.2.1-netinstall.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8M oflag=direct

Then just boot on it!

On Windows, you can use Rufus to create the bootable USB stick.

SHA256: 71cc67c92941df291059121ec7f79757311bbfcb872aedaa78baa718c5c1349c

Just insert the ISO and follow instructions. You'll have an upgrade panel, just select it and that's it!

After a reboot, you'll be on XCP-ng while keeping all your previous settings (Storage, VMs…)

No physical access to the XenServer host?

Please check our documentation for advanced upgrade cases.

Security matters: all our repositories, ISOs and packages are signed with a GPG key. This key is available here:

Then, you can follow our guide on how to check authenticity of our ISO, and even any XCP-ng RPM repository or mirror.

Found a security problem in XCP-ng? Please email us on security at xcp-ng dot org

We strongly suggest to download only the current release. This is only for historical purpose.

You can find all previous XCP-ng releases here:


Just go on this web page and follow instructions:


This will deploy a small VM doing all the management and backup for your XCP-ng. Follow instructions given on the screen, and you're up and running!

If you want to learn more about Xen Orchestra, please visit the official website.

XCP-ng is a Xen Project incubation project

XCP-ng, a virtualization platform incubated within the Xen Project and hosted by the Linux Foundation, aims to bridge the gap between users and developers. It stands as the preferred entry point for anyone seeking a reliable virtualization solution.

Learn about Xen Project

Success Story: From Kickstarter to Datacenter

XCP-ng, which began as a XenServer fork, achieved what many thought to be impossible: building a large community around a new virtualization platform in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

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Commercial Support

Vates, supporting XCP-ng development, ensures businesses harness its full potential. Integrated within Vates' virtualization stack, XCP-ng & Xen Orchestra offer seamless infrastructure orchestration and backup solutions.

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