XCP-ng 7.4.1

XenServer based, Community Powered.

Here is a new version of XCP-ng, with various improvements. Still based on XenServer 7.4.0, but embedding new cool stuff and more future-proof!

You can download the new ISO from the download page.

Note: XCP-ng is now compatible with Cloudstack!. Also don’t miss our latest Xen Orchestra version that allow to enable “Windows Update” automated tools install/update.

What’s new

This ISO contains some new things. Let’s explore what’s in there.

Note: the installer will display 7.4.0: that’s perfectly normal. The numbering is strictly matching XenServer for compatibility reasons. But no worries, you are using the second release of XCP-ng πŸ˜‰

More features unlocked

It seems we missed to unlock some features in our first release, so we fixed the featured daemon, that now unlocks all features (like a XenServer with full options/licenses).

Repository deployed on install

If you install it from scratch (or doing an upgrade), it will also deploy automatically a RPM repository, that will allow to just yum upgrade for our next releases. We are future-proof!

Better license compliance

To comply with Citrix licenses, we removed some trademarks, and also some packages that weren’t Open Source. Regarding the Windows PV tools, they aren’t directly embed but you can rely on Windows Update if necessary. See how in this previous blog post: future of VM tools in XCP-ng.

vGPU live migration is not Open Source. If you need that feature, please consider to subscribe to XenServer Enterprise.

XenCenter fork inside

It’s “XCP-ng Center”, and it works natively with both XenServer AND XCP-ng. Thanks to the fantastic community work on GitHub, with the help of a small but efficient team!

You can download it here:

New install

Please refer to our install procedure, nothing changes, and it’s pretty straightforward: download and install XCP-ng.

Update existing XCP-ng

The best option for now to update, is to insert the new ISO and follow instruction to upgrade it:

Note: all your VMs, storage and configuration will be preserved!

Our next release will be able to deal with yum upgrade directly instead of using the upgrade process, but it was too soon to make it safe for this release.

Pro support incoming

We are currently working to deliver a 100% support oriented service for XCP-ng (no feature limitations, RedHat-like support). If you want to work with us on how we’ll deliver it, please go on xcp-ng.com, and register. This way we could build a pricing that’s fair for everyone!

55 Responses

  1. VB says:

    Awesome. Can we export VMs from XCP-ng to a regular XenServer on this release? And thanks to the community for the XCP-ng Center!!

  2. Gene Cooper says:

    Very impressive! Thank you all very much!

  3. Travisdh1 says:

    Love the work your doing @oliver and company. Looking forward to the next steps!

  4. Grant says:

    This release is very exciting, we will be testing this week. Please let us know how we can get involved, eg. Provide local mirrors, etc.

  5. RΓ©my says:

    Thank you Olivier and all the Vates team for your work on this awesome project! Looking forward to test it in a lab.

  6. Darren Tiltman says:

    Brilliant work. Long live xen and all who sail on her.

  7. Gary says:

    I can’t imagine How busy you and the team must be with this. Even more reason to thank you for taking time out to directly support a noob like me! Thank you and keep up the brilliant work, XCP-NG, you’re definitely worth it!

  8. valentin says:

    Nice job guys.
    The return of the xcp(-ng) was a new hope

  9. Mircevski says:

    Just a slight remark. The embeded XCP NG center MSI, it’s actually the Citrix one. The link to it on https:// SERVERIP is broken, but if I use http://SERVERIP/XenCenter.msi I get the old one …
    obviously, I went online and got the correct msi which works as expected.

    Another question: why XCPngCenter is such a small file comparing with XenCenter.msi … are any features removed ? … just a curiosity

    • olivierlambert says:


      Thanks for your feedback but we are already aware of the issue πŸ˜‰ Regarding XCP-ng Center I have no idea, I prefer to use Xen Orchestra anyway :p

  10. Josias says:

    Already used for production? Thank you for the great work.

  11. Upgraded to XCP-ng 7.4.1 directly from XenServer 6.5, everything seems great for far. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  12. Jairo says:

    to upgrade XenServer 7.1 to xcp-ng?

  13. Joso DL says:

    Congratulations team!!! Migrating 2 servers in the next week!!! Thanks several times to your hard working!!!

  14. feifei says:

    good Job! Thank you all very much! I come form China!

  15. Clayton says:

    Perfect. We proceeded to upgrade 2 servers (R630 and 840) with version 7.4 (XenServer) to NCP-ng without any problem !!

  16. Robert Grimm says:

    I could “upgrade” / switch easily with two servers from Citrix XenServer to the second release of XCP-NG. But two days ago, both servers had started a packet flood to the ip address (up to 200GB per hour).

    There was no impact on the “normal” Citrix XenServers who had a direct WAN connection. The root passwords of the two server were different. While the one server started 5am (CET) with his huge packet flood, the other one had started a half day later at 6pm (CET) before we had activated the firewalls for booth server 30min later.

    I don’t not realy know what happend. While the XenServer themself needs not WAN connection, it will also work without Internet access. But I can’t stop thinking that there is probely a security lag.

    Actually we try out to find out more.

  17. Kju says:

    Great Job! Thank you very much for this awesome project!

    Is it possible to upgrade from 6.1 to 7.4.1?

  18. Davidson says:

    Is there a known issue with exporting VMs (that are running) from XCP-NG, using Xen Orchestra?

    I believe i was able to export running VMs when I had XenServer.

  19. Alex D says:

    Successfully upgraded 12 Hosts in 3 Pools with FC-BootFromSAN-Environment from XenServer7.1LTS to XCP-NG7.4.1!

    Great work guys!

  20. Benoit says:

    Is it possible to do a remote rolling-pool-upgrade from xenserver to XCP-ng ?

    • olivierlambert says:

      Do it manually: evacuate VMs from pool master, upgrade, restart. Then do the same from your slaves. That’s it!

      • Benoit says:

        yes but this need direct server access (or server with remote console which i don’t have since didn’t really need it before).:/

        anyway i’ll try it locally before, thanks for the job !

        • Benoit says:

          Upgrade done using PXE/TFTP/HTTP at least πŸ˜‰

          Works like a charm, great work

          • Luke says:

            Would you like to share this update method?
            As I’m having problems with remote ISOs on my machines in a remote datacenter

          • olivierlambert says:

            You mean update or upgrade? What’s your current system installed?

  21. Anhua Jiang says:

    If I want to build a cloud desktop system, how do I build it using xcp-ng?How can a thin client supporting cirtix connect to a virtual machine created by xcp-ng?My email is anhua1212@sina.com. Looking forward to your reply!Thank you very much!

  22. Shwet Prabhat says:

    Hi Olivier – does container monitoring works with libre xenserver? I tried the command after the upgrade “xscontainer-prepare-vm -v -u ” but it didnt work…

  23. Lars Jensen says:

    Is it possible and safe to do “yum upgrade” once running 7.4.1?

    It seems to be possible on a 7.4.1 I’ve installed, just tried, but didn’t do a “y” yet πŸ™‚

    The reason I’m asking is this statement above:

    “Our next release will be able to deal with yum upgrade directly instead of using the upgrade process, but it was too soon to make it safe for this release.”

  24. Davidson says:

    Do you guys have any plans to implement the Update to be installed from the GUI in your XCP-ng Center, like XenCenter does?

  25. Brent Cox says:

    Appreciate the hard work, thank everyone.

  26. HansHans says:

    Thank you very much for this Project,

    I changed my Host installation after Citrix Xenserver has less feature in the “Free” Version 7.5

    I saw that there is already USB pathtrough that could be enabled, but it is not working with my Clients (Windows 2012 R2)
    After the Virtual-Server starts the Pathtrough is disabling itself on the host again.
    Any Idea of this issue?

  27. Carlos Pisciolari says:

    Hi, I need ports that use XCP Center for remote access to Xenserver Xcp.
    I open 80 and a 443 and cannot see console of VM.

    • olivierlambert says:

      That’s because it doesn’t work “like that”. When you ask for displaying a console, XCP/Xenserver will answer with its local IP address. So it doesn’t work behind a NAT. Let me give you an example: you’ll target ‘’ (your pool master public address) but XCP/XS will return console URL as ‘’ (it’s local address). So your XO will try to connect to ‘’ and will obviously fail.

      Please host your XOA inside the same XenServer network, or use a tunnel (VPN, GRE, whatever).

  28. Gary says:

    Just tried to update to 7.5.0.
    Failed unrecoverable error.

    Something about UEFI install mode on target and legacy on source or something.

    Any ideas?

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