We did it, all together. XCP-ng is now funded at 437%. Is it the end? No, it's just a start.

Committed to make it real

We are very pleased to announce that all the original stretch goals have been reached in less than 5 days.

Thank you everyone for making the XCP-ng project stronger a little bit more every day!

That's awesome and shows everyone than the best open source virtualization solution is still a thing to be created! And now? There is still 26 days remaining for making this Kickstarter campaign a legendary one! That's the reason why we have added one more stretch goal aiming to assemble a bigger A-team on it.

The point is to hire more contractors dedicated to XCP-ng, with a broader spectrum of skills (eg. OCaml, XAPI, CentOS experts…) This way, XCP-ng should be ready faster as well as offering us more room for improvements.

We are committed to release it, and we are working hard for that!

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Want to be a sponsor?

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