XCP-ng 7.4.1

News May 1, 2018

Here is a new version of XCP-ng, with various improvements. Still based on XenServer 7.4.0, but embedding new cool stuff and more future-proof!

You can download the new ISO from the download page.

Note: XCP-ng is now compatible with Cloudstack!. Also don't miss our latest Xen Orchestra version that allow to enable "Windows Update" automated tools install/update.

What's new

This ISO contains some new things. Let's explore what's in there.

Note: the installer will display 7.4.0: that's perfectly normal. The numbering is strictly matching XenServer for compatibility reasons. But no worries, you are using the second release of XCP-ng ;)

More features unlocked

It seems we missed to unlock some features in our first release, so we fixed the featured daemon, that now unlocks all features (like a XenServer with full options/licenses).

Repository deployed on install

If you install it from scratch (or doing an upgrade), it will also deploy automatically a RPM repository, that will allow to just yum upgrade for our next releases. We are future-proof!

Better license compliance

To comply with Citrix licenses, we removed some trademarks, and also some packages that weren't Open Source. Regarding the Windows PV tools, they aren't directly embed but you can rely on Windows Update if necessary. See how in this previous blog post: future of VM tools in XCP-ng.

vGPU live migration is not Open Source. If you need that feature, please consider to subscribe to XenServer Enterprise.

XenCenter fork inside

It's "XCP-ng Center", and it works natively with both XenServer AND XCP-ng. Thanks to the fantastic community work on GitHub, with the help of a small but efficient team!

You can download it here:

New install

Please refer to our install procedure, nothing changes, and it's pretty straightforward: download and install XCP-ng.

Update existing XCP-ng

The best option for now to update, is to insert the new ISO and follow instruction to upgrade it:

Note: all your VMs, storage and configuration will be preserved!

Our next release will be able to deal with yum upgrade directly instead of using the upgrade process, but it was too soon to make it safe for this release.

Pro support incoming

We are currently working to deliver a 100% support oriented service for XCP-ng (no feature limitations, RedHat-like support). If you want to work with us on how we'll deliver it, please go on xcp-ng.com, and register. This way we could build a pricing that's fair for everyone!


Olivier Lambert

Vates CEO & co-founder, Xen Orchestra and XCP-ng project creator. Enthusiast entrepreneur and Open Source advocate. A very happy Finnish Lapphund owner.