XCP-ng 8 - Beta release

Release May 22, 2019

XCP-ng 8.0 is now in beta

Since Citrix Hypervisor 8.0 was released, we have been working to bring you the release of XCP-ng 8.0. The beta version of XCP-ng 8.0 is now available and you can download it to try in your homelab or on your test infrastructure!

⚠ Do not use XCP-ng 8.0 in production yet, unexpected behaviors and issues can occur.

What's new in XCP-ng 8.0?

Platform update

The platform components of XCP-ng 8.0 have been updated for higher performance and security:

  • Kernel version is now Linux 4.19
  • Xen Hypervisor version is now 4.11
  • Control domain OS is now CentOS 7.5

Xen Orchestra deployment

The Xen Orchestra Appliance can now be deployed directly from the IP address of any XCP-ng installation.

XCP-ng 8.0 - How to upgrade

Note: The usual yum upgrade method is not yet available for this release and should be at the moment we will have a release candidate for XCP-ng 8.0.

The process to upgrade to XCP-ng 8.0 is available on the official documentation.

The official XCP-ng 8.0 ISO, along with additional recommendation, is available on the official forum post.

Provide your feedback

If you are not already a member of our community forum, now is the time to join us.

Any feedback you may want to provide about the XCP-ng 8 Beta can be given in the dedicated topic.


Like a Linux distribution, XCP-ng's installation images and RPM repositories can be replicated by benevolent mirror providers. We have set up a list of trusted mirrors that will allow you to download XCP-ng more efficiently from anywhere in the world!

If you wish to add your own mirrors, you can follow the procedure described in the official documentation.

Pro support

A healthy Open Source project comes with Pro Support. Do you want to run XCP-ng in production? We got you covered! XCP-ng pro support comes in two different editions: Standard and Enterprise and is designed for all size of companies.


Marc Pezin

Marketing manager at Vates since 2017, working on the communication and business development on Xen Orchestra and XCP-ng virtualization platform. I'm also a tech enthusiast and a fan of photography.