XCP-ng and IKOULA partnership

News Nov 17, 2020

IKOULA is a very well known French hoster with a very complete selection of dedicated servers to rent. We are very happy to announce that XCP-ng and IKOULA are now officially in a partnership to offer you the ability to deploy dedicated servers with XCP-ng pre-installed directly on IKOULA's infrastructure.

With this intent, we are currently testing a selected number of hosts proposed by IKOULA in order to insure the most turnkey experience when renting a dedicated server with XCP-ng deployed in IKOULA's infrastructure.

IKOULA offers a very complete range of servers for all types of requirements

A partner that makes sense

IKOULA and XCP-ng share common values that make this partnership meaningful:

  • We are both French companies promoting sovereignty of the Cloud through a stack of solutions hosted in France and running Open Source solutions developed in France
  • We share the will to create turnkey experiences for our users - meaning that we are willing to expand our ecosystem as much as we can

What's next

We are currently deploying XCP-ng on a selected number of hosts rented by IKOULA and insuring that the deployment will go smoothly for all end-users selecting XCP-ng as the OS pre-installed on such hosts.

As XCP-ng is a very agnostic solution, we are really confident we will be compatible with all the hosts we are currently testing and we haven't had any particular issues, which means that having the ability to deploy XCP-ng on IKOULA's infrastructure should be a reality very soon.


Marc Pezin

CMO at Vates since 2017, I have been at the forefront of shaping and advancing the communication strategies and business development initiatives for Vates Virtualization Management Stack.