# XCP-ng documentation

XCP-ng is a high performance enterprise level virtualization platform with a rich ecosystem.

Originally based on XenServer (opens new window) (now Citrix Hypervisor (opens new window)), it's the result of massive cooperation between individuals and companies, to deliver a product without limits. No restrictions on features and every bit available on GitHub!

Visit the main website to learn more: https://xcp-ng.org (opens new window)

# Overview


Those videos are made independently by Lawrence Systems / PC Pickup, thanks for bringing quality content like this! YouTube channel (opens new window)

Here is some content explaining XCP-ng in detail:

About the project itself, please see the project page.

# XCP-ng comparing to other products

# vs VMware

# vs Proxmox

# vs Xen vs XenServer vs KVM vs Proxmox


No flamewar! There are no miracle solutions, but only solutions adapted to your usage. We truly respect all other virtualization platforms!