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  • Website XOA XCP-NG missing


    just something small that I recognized when I read the text about what XOA is for and it does only mention Citrix Hypervisor but not XCP-NG in the text, just in the title here:!/xo-features/webinterface

    Xen Orchestra is designed to give you the tools you need to administrate your Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer) pools and enjoy a complete overview of your whole infrastructure. No agent to install on your hosts, you can access everything from anywhere and from any devices.

    Maybe you want to mention XCP-NG there with a link to "".

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  • RE: XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀

    @stormi That was my plan, Bitlocker feature is already installed, will test this yes 😉


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  • RE: XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀

    @stormi said in XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀:

    @cocoon Did you enable Secure Boot on the VM, and did you also install SecureBoot certificates on your pool? (and if you installed the certificates to the pool after you first started the VM - with or without SB, you also need to install them to the VM by putting it in user mode: varstore-sb-state user {VM-UUID}).

    Ah yes, thanks, that works 👍
    the command is just slightly different:

    varstore-sb-state {VM-UUID} user



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  • RE: XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀

    OK, TPM is visible in Windows Server 2022 but no secure boot atm.
    Bios says it is disabled. Installed it in a virtual XCP-NG VM on ESXi.




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  • RE: XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀

    @stormi Works 👍


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  • RE: XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀

    @stormi Hi, sounds great 🙂

    I tried to use the vTPM Management and it seems for me that I am either missing updates (but I have even testing repo enabled) or the feature daemon is missing this entry:


    When I try to manage vTPM it generates this error on the server:
    Raised Server_error(FEATURE_RESTRICTED, [ restrict_vtpm ])

    Last added online I see Cloud:

    Would be great to be able to configure it somehow, even add custom features in a config file, there already exists an similar issue entry for it:



    ./var/log/xensource.log:Jan  9 16:13:55 xcp-ng-vm5 xapi: [error||1247 :::80|dispatch:VTPM.create D:6eb04e1f3871|backtrace] 1/9 xapi Raised at file ocaml/xapi/, line 24


    stormi created this issue in xcp-ng/xcp

    open Configurable license daemon #184

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  • RE: XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀

    Oh I see, you don't plan to add more system near features?

    All is just around xapi, even the login system. I thougt it would be more like on ESXi systems where you can manage the whole server from a web ui and will get features like the ones you can do from the local console screen.

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  • RE: XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀

    @olivierlambert said in XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀:

    you need to promote a slave to master so you can get back querying the XAPI.

    Yes I know, I mean a limited access mode or as you said, to make it master would be one task for troubleshooting that could be done if you could login (with warnings), generate/checking/exporting logfiles etc ... (and all you can do on xsconsole, see MAC addresses etc ...)

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  • RE: XCP-ng 8.3 public alpha 🚀

    I just upgraded a virtual Test-Cluster from 8.2 to 8.3-Alpha and afterwards had on one console that it told me that I don't have a management Interface and even no network interfaces. Am "Emergency Network Reset" did not change anything .

    After checking everything, network was working, even ping was working ... I remembered my problem with the certificates I mentioned here already in November and yes, it was just the same problem with the old too short certificate 🤦

    But this leads me to the new "problem":
    Couldn't the xsconsole be improved to give a better hint than "no network interfaces"?
    Because it really means something like: Could't establish a connection to the master.

    Oh and one more thing:
    Is it by design that I cannot login to XO Light on the VM that is not the master?
    It just tells me "An error has occured"
    ... Ah just check the return value and it says error: "HOST_IS_SLAVE"
    This could also be improved or automatically redirect to the master as it contains the IP of the master in the response ... or in the end it might be good to be able to login if the master is not available for troubleshooting

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