Strange autostart VMs

  • Hi.

    Currently running xcp-ng 7.6
    I have also xoa running as one of the vm's
    Today i restarted the xcp-ng server, and here is how VM's started:

    1. XOA VM. autostart=on. Start order=2 (in xcp-ng center). Started 1st
    2. FreeNAS VM. autostart=on. Start order=1. Started 2nd
    3. PfSense VM. autostart=on. Start order=0. Started 3rd
    4. Debian Server VM. autostart=on. Start order=2. Didn't start at all.

    As i understand from description, VM's with starting order = 0 should start with priority. In my case it went wrong. And one of the VMs didn't start at all...

  • XCP-ng Center Team

    @dave-opc startorder is for vApps, not for the autostart feature.

  • Got that, thanks.

    What about the Debian server VM which didn't start? It's enabled in XOA.

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