Interrupted CR task - what now?

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    • What are the steps to do in case of CR backup is interrupted?

    Atlas VM stuck on CR, what to do now? delete incomplete VM? delete all Atlas CR backups and start backup Task again?


    Too bad that XOA don't handle the entire process completly and not informing operator about incomplete backup process - could xoa check if some backup is interrupter and perform repair actions ? for example delete incomplete backup?

    yey! i've got more of them... It think that the dashboard in xoa shoudl be reworked completly to give operator complete set of information about the status and problems observed on the stack.


  • Stuck CR is a problem with latest XO versions and XO team is working on it.
    You can delete incomplete VMs [Importing...] and you should restart XO before start CR jobs again. As workaround some users here made cron jobs to restart XO daily to avoid CR failures.
    Automatically deleting incomplete VMs can be dangerous, IMHO. Some of these [Importing..] VMs are properly replicated, I examined few Windows Servers and they are starting and working. So, they can be used as backups.

  • @karlisi said in Interrupted CR task - what now?:

    Automatically deleting incomplete VMs can be dangerous

    This is an example - don't take it too strictly. I'm talking about exaclty the above problem. I was not aware of it. No information about the problem and this is the exactly the real problem.

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