console is not possible

  • After installation of 7.6.0.
    first time console is working in xo and center. after a 3-5 min. is not possible to see console for xcp-ng host. Cosole Screen is white. my center is in version 20.04.00

  • I had similar problems in 8. Even though I had static leases set in DHCP, oftentimes services come up before the IP address has been obtained. The physical console and SSH worked, but not XOA nor XCP center.

    Set a static IP address and reboot.

    If that does not work, repeat the installation and set a static IP at install.
    Make sure your IP address has not changed and look at the lease time. Is it only leased out for a few minutes?

    Here is where we discussed it for version 8:
    Broken Host Consoles in fresh xcp-ng 8 installation. VM consoles work.

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