@Marcsteven said in Troubleshooting System Interrupts issue:

To resolve troubleshooting system interrupts errors, many methods can be executed. You can maybe disable sound effects. To do that, you can go to the taskbar and right-click the speaker icon. Then double-click your Default Device (speaker) > open Properties. Now tap the option of Enhancements and check the box which says ‘Disable all sound effects.’ Now press Ok to save the settings, and we will hope this will resolve the method. If it doesn't work then maybe you can update your PC's Bios by launching the Windows search > write CMD > run Command Prompt and then type these commands one after another > hit before you enter after each command systeminfo | findstr /I /c:bios wmic bios get manufacturer, smbiosbiosversion .

Appreciate the ideas here, but most of it pertains to desktop machines not virtual guest instances (upgrading the PC BIOS is not really applicable for this unless it were occurring on ALL guests, for example).