@fibrewire If you're looking at a free way to do so, you can install XOA from the sources and do it through that. I honestly don't miss the updates portion of XCP-ng Center (even after having used it for years in XenCenter). It was very clunky and time-consuming; and, I ultimately ended up scripting a lot of it locally on hosts instead. This is obviously much easier now that it can be done through a simple "yum" command instead of having to pull all the separate packages and install them like XenServer does.

XOA will obviously provide that feature through the paid versions as well (if you've already got it). I'm not big on pushing people to XOA from XCP-ng Center, as I still use XCP-ng Center way more than XOA (at least until they push out the new version with the tree view so I can give it a try); but, that's the easy answer to your question.