@olivierlambert @stormi

So I have been working on this repo for about a month now and it is in a far worse state than I ever imagined. I showed the codebase to some golang pro's and they pretty much roasted every aspect of the original source code. It uses multiple depreciated packages, breaks multiple best practices that golang considers to be fundamental to portability and future-proofing, has a complete lack of any documentation on a variety of esoteric calls, and the source code does not compile against GOOS=freebsd.

I was hoping I could just make some quick changes to clean up this repo for the XCP-NG community but this is a huge endeavor to get in a good place for the future. I would very much like to continue work on this but it has become clear to me that a small team of developers will be required to finish this in a timely fashion. I would suggest creating a new repo called XCP-guest-tools as a properly upgraded version of this repo would rewrite 40%-60% of the original source code to bring it up to a reasonable standard. I also think at that point it would be extremely unlikely that Citrix would ever merge the changes so splitting off to a newly named package would go a long way to avoid confusion about versions and source.