What is what: XCP-ng, XCP-ng Center, XenOrchestra, XOA, Vates

  • XCP-ng Center Team

    Hello together,

    to avoid more and more confusion about the pieces of the XCP-ng Universe, I'll try to describe what is what.

    The Hypervisor, the Host, the Virtualisation Server: XCP-ng

    This is the thing you install on bare hardware, it consists of:

    • the XEN kernel
    • Dom0 - the management domain (it's basicaly a highly custom CentOS with drivers, various services and some glue logic)
    • DomU - the VMs, the virtual machines, the things you virtualize
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    It's exact the same concept like CITRIX XenServer or CITRIX Hypervisor. XCP-ng is derived from them. Something like a fork, but not so hard.

    The basic management software, the windows client, the thing with the tree: XCP-ng Center

    It's derived from CITRIX XenCenter.

    The advanced management software, the web client, the backup solution and more: XenOrchestra

    It's not derived from anything (as far as I know).

    The ready to use XenOrchestra, the appliance: XOA

    • single line to install on XCP-ng
    • can be licenced with pro features and pro support from Vates
    • is a ready to use VM

    The company behind: Vates

    Olivier Lambert and his company Vates startet all the jazz. They provide pro support for XCP-ng (the host) and XenOrchestra. They help to sign XCP-ng Center and the XCP-ng Windows Client Tools (and drivers) with an proper EV certificate.

XCP-ng Pro Support

XCP-ng Pro Support