vGPU - which graphics card supported?

  • Managed to get the AMD S7150x2 working with xcp-ng 7.6 week ago. No idea how it stacks up performancewise with anything else as it is my first adventure in VM shared video.

    I can post details Monday when I am back I the office, but I just installed XCP-NG and loaded the Citrix driver from AMD's website and it worked. Much more sane install than my attempt at Hyper-v. The mxgpu settings page gives me the ability to set the you slices and everything. Performance in one test guest feels pretty decent.

    Overall I'm very impressed by XCP-NG so far.

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    @Arvee thanks a LOT for the feedback. Ideally, if you can, please update the Wiki (write permissions for everyone) to explain the exact steps you did 🙂

    Feel free to create a vGPU page and make a dedicated paragraph for AMD GPUs 🙂

  • @Arvee

    Well done.. the S7150x2 should be a a fair bit faster than the K2/K1 grid cards. For CAD/Architectural workloads we found it as fast as Nvidia M60 and sometimes faster .. using the same GPU profile types.

  • @OLIVIERLAMBERT will do. I'll try and get that rolling today or tomorrow.

    The only complaint the remote person had was the mouse was "jumpy" in Autocad which is likely due to an RDP latency issue. We'll do some more tuning on that and see where it ends up. If it eludes me much more I'll post a separate topic for that. 🙂

  • @Arvee

    We were always deploying using Xendesktop/XenApp - performance once configured correctly - GPO's HDX policies was usually very good - apps workloads Autocad, Revit and Inventor Pro. No longer have access to all the tweaks.

    Not sure how you'd tune and tweak RDP to improve the performance.

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    Yeah, XenDesktop (and in general Citrix HDX protocols) are great for those cases.

    I don't know about UDS, if it uses something else than RDP.

  • I am running a WX7100 under XCP-ng 7.6. It only allows full GPU passthrough. So you can run multiple VMS on the server, but only one at a time can be assigned the GPU. I have tested it to work properly with Server 2016 std, Server 2019 std, and Win10 pro. Currently I have it crunching BOINC under win10pro and here are the stats.... BOINCstats for Norby

  • Hello,

    We are using XCP-ng at our University, and are looking to purchase either Radeon Instinct MI50 or MI60 GPU:s (running on HPE ProLiant Gen10).

    So am I correct to assume that vGPU works for these AMD cards? Just want to confirm, as the hardware costs quite a bit 🙂

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    All the input you can have in within this thread. We don't have this kind of hardware here so I can't tell you myself.

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