vGPU - which graphics card supported?

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    Thanks, with this info we'll be able to update the Wiki to provide more guidance for people who wonder about those great GPUs and XCP-ng support 🙂

  • @olivierlambert said in vGPU - which graphics card supported?:

    Thanks, with this info we'll be able to update the Wiki to provide more guidance for people who wonder about those great GPUs and XCP-ng support 🙂

    Welp, we've already encountered our first issue - the MxGPU supplemental pack expects kernel-4.4. It also seems AMD isn't really intent on updating it anymore (last update was more than a year ago) and the V340 only supports VMware (boo!), which paints quite a dire outlook for our VDI dreams on XCP-ng 😞

    We're rolling back to XCP-ng 7.6 in the meanwhile - but would there be any way of running kernel-4.4 on XCP-ng 8.0+?


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    IIRC, it was doable to rebuild a pack ourselves to work with a more recent kernel 🙂 At least, everything is on GitHub, so except if there is something very specific that won't apply on a more recent kernel, we could do it!

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    To complement: you may want to follow this github issue:

  • Hello guys, hello dear Olivier,

    Huge thanks for all your work regarding XCP-ng. I recently started using it and deploying it in production. Open Source technology really helps SMBs in my part of the world (Transylvania, Romania). XCP-ng has been great so far.

    Regarding the nVidia Grid K1/K2 cards, I believe there is a huge business opportunity here. I don't have all the information but here is my idea:

    nVidia Gamestream technology (video codec, remote protocol) is a dream. It enables 4K 60 fps streaming at very low latency. Unfortunately it relies on nVidia GTX cards and is only doable with GPU passthrough. If the Grid cards would be able to emulate this kind of behavior, it would be a game changer for the VDI industry in my opinion. For this to work, I believe the VM and the OS on it would need to be able to use the GeForce experience software and "think" it's running a proper GeForce GTX card.

    Maybe I'm greaming big here, but think of this:
    There is a great opensource software called MoonLight. It is an opensource port of the proprietary nVidia GameStream protocol. It enables small single board computers like the Raspberry Pi to act as a high-end thin client. This is working today, but with single hardware passed-through GPUs of the GeForce GTX kind. If this could be done with the Grid cards, enabling multiple VMs to utilize GameStream as if they would have a GeForce card, this would mean a total disruption of the current VDI market. Grid cards are as cheap as $170-$200.

    Unfortunately there are some closed source software in the mix, the biggest question being the ability of the GameStream technology to work with Grid cards. nVidia has it's own game streaming cloud solution and I am almost certain they are using Grid cards with their GameStream tech. The only question is how can it be done.

    Citrix HDX is pretty expensive, vmWare Horizon with it's own high-end graphics protocol is also expensive. If it would work with XCP-ng, the HighEnd workstation VM market would have a new player with a disruptive solution.

  • vGPU require drivers on xen , which will need to work with Nvidia. Unlikely you can get it work as an open source. If you can get passthrough working, I will be very happy.

  • We have a new expansion project underway. We currently use the FirePro 7150x2 with Xen 7.2 and are using XCP-ng latest in the new infrastructure build. I just wanted to check in and see if it's in the roadmap plans to support the MxGPU drivers as time goes on with XCP-ng? I did follow the github issue related to this and see activity happening, but wasn't sure if this was "best effort" type of support or planned?

    In other-words, if we spend $$$ to continue building on FirePro MxGPU platform, are we eventually going to get stuck without ability to upgrade?

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    As long there is drivers provided by AMD, I think there's no problem to build them and include them into XCP-ng 🙂

    Maybe the real question is more on AMD side of things.

  • Hello,

    Has anyone managed to get XCP-ng 8.1 working with AMD S7150 MxGPU?
    I got it working on 7.6 with the 1.05 AMD driver but 8.1 with the new 2.0 AMD driver doesn't give any virtual functions.
    Does someone have a working setup with XCP-ng 8.1 + AMD S7150(x2) ?

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    Citrix and AMD apparently haven't provided any updated MxGPU packages for 8.0/8.1, so it relies on us and on the community to do it. There's been work on this but no working result for now:

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