what is the easiest way to load ISO images to XCP-ng?

  • Hello All,

    I have setup XCP-ng with XO for testing and now am trying to find the easiest way to load some ISO images for use with setting up VM's. Did not see as way for XO, but could have missed it since I am still learning how to use it.

    Any input from the community would be helpful.
    Thanks and have good weekend.

  • Never mind as I think that I have found some links that will guide me.

    From the Wiki:





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    Feel free to improve the Wiki if you think it might be improved 🙂 Enjoy!

  • Well, I have now been able to create the SR based upon the documentation but it is only 18 GB in size. The drive that I have XCP-ng on is a 2 TB drive and I am not clear on how to utilize it for VM's and ISO's.

    Also, in the XO web management, I was able to import a Virtualbox OVA to do a test, which ran well, but could not figure out where in XO to upload iso's to the server. Does this have to be done on the server itself, perhaps?

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    1. it's 18GiB in size because… it's the size of the / partition. It's not using the local SR space.
    2. ISO upload: there no such mechanism in XCP-ng/XenServer, nor any API to do so. It's meant to use a NFS or SMB share to store your ISO.

  • I see. Thanks.

    I will see about setting up an SMB server for this purpose.

    Based upon what I am seeing, it seems like it may be possible for me to setup an external VM repository on an NSF or SMB server so that VM's can also be pulled into a server as needed and run locally. This would be a good thing for what I am doing, but will look into implementing it a bit later. Makes me think of a possible type "Docker" repository, but for XCP-ng VM's might be an eventual goal just as an idea.


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    We have a VM catalog planned directly available from XOA, yes (templates cloud init ready or something like that)

  • That will be very exciting to see when it is ready since I think that it will help a lot of people.

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