UMARR - unattended migration reboot and recover

  • hi there.

    a few days ago I asked this

    and as as by now there is no such assistant that I was used to use with xencenter and xenserver when upgrading the hosts I have developed an script that does the same, because I need a lot of time for moving, checking, rebooting just for upgrading the servere. So !

    The script does the following

    1. once the xcp-ng is updated
    2. checks if all the running VM can be live moved
    3. Disable HA
    4. eject CD rom from all VMs
    5. makes a inventory of the hosts
    6. for each host, starting at master
    		6.1 disable, evacuate and reboots
    		6.2 check if its alive again from reboot
    		6.3 recover the vm that were running on that host
    7. Enables HA

    by now I'm still learning git so I posted the script in my blog.

    I tried it on my development pool and it worked fine every time, still haven't tested on production because... it's Christmas =P

    obviously it can be done better, but by now it does what is wast meant to, so I'm really happy about what I have achieved in a few days.

    hope it could help to someone else

    Merry Christmas !

  • XCP-ng Team

    The problem is not the easy case when it works. The issue with that is to deal with complexity when everything is going south. And believe me, it happens a lot: a CD non-removed during update, migrate that doesn't work etc.

    You'll go into the rabbit hole. Good luck.

  • @olivierlambert ok I will tell you how it goes
    wish me luck 🙂

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