Building Xen Orchestra from Source: FreeBSD xo-web:build _ Error: null

  • I'm trying to build Xen Orchestra from source. The platform is:

    • OS: FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE
    • node: 8.16.2
    • yarn: 1.22.4

    I am following the instructions. I checked out using git and did yarn and yarn build. Below is what I see. The real issue is that I'm just seeing 'Killed' and then an error.

    I tried yarn --verbose build and that's the output that I see.

    How can I get more debugging detail on the build process to find more details?

    Using polyfills: No polyfills were added, since the `useBuiltIns` option was not set.
    [11:30:29] Using gulpfile /opt/xen-orchestra/packages/xo-web/gulpfile.js
    [11:30:29] Starting 'build'...
    [11:30:29] Starting 'buildPages'...
    [11:30:29] Starting 'buildScripts'...
    [11:30:29] Starting 'buildStyles'...
    [11:30:29] Starting 'copyAssets'...
    Successfully compiled 22 files with Babel.
    [11:30:38] Finished 'buildPages' after 9.63 s
    [11:30:43] Finished 'buildStyles' after 14 s
    [11:30:43] Finished 'copyAssets' after 14 s
    * xo-web:build _ Error: null
    _ 6

  • How much ram did you allocate to the VM? FWIW, I've seen this type of error before when ram was below 1G.

  • @Danp As soon as I read that, I thought "I think I've been down this road before." Sure enough. I gave it 2G of RAM and it wouldn't build. I gave it 4G of RAM and I watched using systat and that final step went to about 52% of RAM usage. It has completed. I routinely run Xen Orchestra on a 1G VM because it's rarely used and it runs fine that way. But building it clearly takes a lot more RAM. I'll update my internal notes. It might be worth it to update the building from source docs to mention having enough RAM.

    Thanks for hitting the nail on the head with that advice!

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