Hiding hypervisor from guest to prevent Nvidia Code 43

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    I'm not entirely sure about that, I need to ask one Xen dev.

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  • @r1 said in Hiding hypervisor from guest to prevent Nvidia Code 43:

    @olivierlambert @imtrobin I had worked on CPUID for exposing temperature data of CPU to Guest (Dom0). May be we can use same.

    # cpuid | grep -I hypervisor_id
       hypervisor_id = "Microsoft Hv"

    Is this the one which should be hidden?

    I'm have no idea if that is enough, but maybe. How can we try this? For kvm , they do this


  • What is the current status on this? We are hoping for this soonish, and if it isn't coming at all or not for a long time, then we need to plan a migration to another platform.

    Our use case is for business, but we are not a very big business and do not wish to spend thousands on buying Quadro cards when much cheaper GTX and other consumer cards will do the job perfectly if it wasn't for Nvidia's artificial limitation.

    We run a custom program for Kitchen Design as RemoteApps under an RDS setup. At this point, we are running under Quadro 4000 cards, as we already had them, but due to this, I cannot upgrade to Server 2019 as there are no drivers. To upgrade we have to upgrade cards, and the best bang for buck cards in our use, are P4000 which do run under Server 2019, but are $1000+ each. WE want to have 2 cards in each server, totalling 4 cards. We can get even better bang for buck on some RTX 2070's or the like for nearly half the cost.

    The only thing stopping us is this stupid Code 43 "bug".

    We are willing to wait as we haven't quite hit the limits of our current setup, but we are heading close to it, and we need to plan our next move. I love XCP-ng and honestly cannot fault it for anything, other than having the capability to hide the fact the VM is a vm.

    We have already ran a test setup on Proxmox and the Code 43 fix works perfectly.

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    If it's for business, why not trying to pour some resources to make this work? 🙂 It's Open Source with pro support backed, so there's 2 approaches:

    • contribute to speed up the process
    • pay to get someone (individual or company) to do it

    One priority can't be a priority for everyone. But you can have a influence on that with 2 different levers.

  • I've been using Xcp-NG and Xen for awhile now and unfortunately i have had to change everything from Xen to Esxi because this feature is not there. hypervisor.cpuid.v0=false is the only line I have to enter for it to hide the GPU's in all our servers.

    It's a shame as i understand it isn't a priority but this has been asked for many years from the google searches i have done. When this feature is available I will come back to Xen unfortunately until then I have to use Esxi

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    Thanks for the feedback, my previous message still apply 🙂

  • @olivierlambert Sorry to disturb you with the same problem
    I have an HP DL360 Gen9 with xcp-ng 8.2. I added a quadro p600 GPU and I get error 43 when I tried to passthrough it to a Windows 10 VM

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    Quadro cards are banned from NV driver to be used in passthrough?

  • I can passthrough M60 fine so I don't think Quadro can't passthrough. Its likely you installed the wrong driver.

  • @olivierlambert Your points are valid, but, I guess just like many others:

    1. (contribute to speed up the process), don't have the skills, time and or resources to do it ourselves, and besides wouldn't know where to start to code this in.

    2. Again, money. Just because we are business, doesn't mean we have money to spend on things like this. It's not so much as we won't spend money, its more like there are other priorities, especially considering that we have only just come out of a very severe and long drought, and COVID-19, which has severely impacted our business. So on one hand, having this feature would be a large help, as we can cut corners a little on GPU's, but on the other hand, sorting this feature out ourselves is resources and such that we simply don't have spare.

    In our case, we have plenty of redundant systems, to the point I can easily, and comfortably move everything over to VMWare so we have this feature. Like others, we simply have to take the path of least resistance.

    Personally not sure if we will move platforms yet as we can get by on some M4000 cards for now.

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    It's an Open Source platform, you have the choice 🙂 Obviously, if there's not enough traction here (community and/or business), I suppose you understand why it's not a priority for us 🙂

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