• Hi there,

    I was wondering whether intellicache is actually available in XCP-ng? I saw in a comparison PDF (between xenserver and xcp-ng) that it has intellicache also, but I can't see any mentioning of it in XO. I asked because I want to know whether this feature will be good for running VM from NFS SR with slow gigabit ethernet. Right now it is working fine but the response is a little sluggish compared to local storage, so if intellicache is meant to do what I think it does, this would help with my situation. Hopefully intellicache does cache the VDI on local storage, hopefully with many read/write cache options to choose from.

    Anyone know how to check if intellicache is working?


  • XCP-ng Team

    I don't think intellicache is doing what you expect exactly. Try NFS in async mode to see if it's better.

    From Citrix doc:

    IntelliCache works by caching data from a VMs parent VDI in local storage on the VM host. This local cache is then populated as data is read from the parent VDI. When many VMs share a common parent VDI, a VM can use the data read into the cache from another VM. Further access to the master image on shared storage is not required.

    I suppose this is not what you require.

  • Ah, probably won't work then, I'll try NFS async, thanks!

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