NFS Storage added through Center

  • Hi all,

    So as some may recall I'm more used to XCP-ng Center and I've been trying to make the move to XOA and use it as default...

    In the meanwhile as I deployed a new storage setup for the cluster (NFS) and at the time I was at the Center when I added the NFS Storage. All is working marvellously.
    But when I go to XOA I know the NFS storage should be added through Settings > Remotes, but when I open it its empty and doesn't show any server there.
    If I select Home > Storages the storage is there, no problems so far, migrating disks was a breeze.

    So not having the NFS in the Remotes is thes expected behaviour, like when you add a server to a pool and the server disappears from the list? Thanks.

  • The NFS server would be listed in the Remotes section if you are using it as a backup target.

    If you are using the NFS server as a storage repository where your VM disks reside, then it is correct for it to only show under Storages.

  • @maverick Just a note, when you want to add new storage, you don't add through Settings -> Remotes (this is for backup target as Danp said), you do it through New -> Storage menu.

  • @Danp ok thanks for the clarification. I didn't get that, thought it would be to add any SR. (using the remotes)

    @tony what puzzles me about New > Storage is that I have to select a "host" which is different from Center, I only need to select the kind of storage (NFS, NFS ISO, iSCSI etc) and put the path to it, I'm not required to select a host. This sometimes messes with my head as I'm doing a change that affects the pool not hosts individually so this confuses me a bit. But all good, thanks for the answers.

  • @maverick the interface of XO is sometimes different than xcp-ng center, they are written by two different entity. Some functions may not be available in one or the other as well, but XO is the main supported way of managing XCP-ng. XO is relatively "new" so anything that makes users confuse about its function can be reported so it can be improved.

    Regarding your issue, yes you need to select a particular host even in xcp-ng center, unless your hosts are combined into a pool, in which case you don't need to select any host since all of them will be able to access this shared SR. In XO you just select any host in that pool and it should just work for all pool members.

  • Hi @tony yes I understand that, actually I made a post a while back spanning different aspects of the XOA and where I feel Center is more intuitive but as suggestion for XOA improvement if anyone cares to consider it.

    Regarding the adding of SR's to pools, I leave my suggestion here, have a selector for pool instead of host, it'd be more intuitive imho. Cheers all.

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