There are 3 things i hate on XCP-NG

  • XCP-ng is a great project!

    There are 3 things i hate on XCP-NG but it is coming from Xenserver too.

    1. The type of partition is 07 thats 4 NTFS and use that is windows style :-(, it will be mutch better with linux patition types 83 and 82 for swap.
    2. is the installation. It is very special how this routine uses the hardrives. The routine is confused with used hdd or with some old installation. Please when sombody take fresh installation kill all the partions, better will build a new partitiontabel. Now i hat to boot a live linux via DVD or USB and earase everything with dd..
      dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=100M
    3. the export of VM thats 2 slow, but i know you fix that in orchestra

  • Admin

    1. Which partition are you talking about exactly?
    2. This is currently under improvement, see
    3. don't use compressed export until we have zstd in stable repo 😉

    Also, XCP-ng, unlike XenServer, is a real Open Source project. Feel free to contribute to improve it 😉

  • High Olivier

    Number  Start (sector)           End (sector)    Size               Code  Name
       1           46139392          83888127          18.0 GiB        0700  
       2           8390656           46139391          18.0 GiB        0700  
       3           87033856          3907028830        1.8 TiB         8E00  
       4           83888128          84936703          512.0 MiB       EF02  
       5           2048              8390655           4.0 GiB         0700  
       6           84936704          87033855          1024.0 MiB      8200

    Thats the partition tabel at my simpel testing PC 4 VM

    1, 2, 5 using 0700 thats for windows NTFS

    Yesterday i fitting with a reinstall of one 7.5 with RAID1 and a exta LSI RAID Controller.
    One HDD was damaged, but all my VM was moved to a reseve Sever. So the easyest way was 2 install again. But the install scripts find sometimes one RAID 1 and the Disk behind the LSI RAID. It dont use the /dev/md127 and try to build a new RAID 1 with /dev/sdc and /dev/md127..... and sme craesy options too.
    Now i am erasing everything on the old HDD, now its running. The Problem with GDISK HDD are one the end of the HDD is a reseve partition tabelle. Most tools dont erase them. But it is very old and cytrix dont fix it. But its bad when you had fix somthing with booting teh hardware server with a live linux

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