[Solved] VM Autostart through XCP-ng Center

  • UPDATE - This feature has been added to XCP-ng Center 8.0

    Currently, there is no facility to set VMs to start automatically through the Windows GUI. (Or there is and I can't find it.) Ideally we should be able to have VMs come up automatically in a particular order or at least with fixed delays. I know this is possible through the command line, but so far it's the only thing I've been unable to do from the GUI.

  • Admin

    In XO, it's in the VM advanced tab, IDK where in XCP-ng Center (@borzel any idea?)

    Regarding the order, sadly it's using a specific class called "VM appliance" which is a kind of VM group with some priority/ordering. On XO side, we'll test if we can avoid using this extra layer and just have a timer on boot (so you can tinker it yourself, creating an order de facto)

  • Have yet to try Xen Orchestra. Will do so now ...

  • Aaaaand Xen Orchestra is riddled with features that are just stubs pointing me to paid upgrades. Hard pass, I'll use the command line.

  • Admin

    1. You are talking about XOA: you can use the free trial to unlock everything. And I don't think this feature is restricted 😉
    2. You can use it from the sources to unlock all features (it IS Open Source), but those are more for backups, so XOA Free should be enough in your case 😉

  • @atmurphy, I haven't tried it, but there are a set of plugins available for Xencenter that might work under XCP-ng Center that adds an auto-start option. See https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2018/03/14/xenserver-plugins-collection-v6/

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