XenServer 8 (general discussion)

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    Some thoughts

    Could xs8 bring vdi over 2TB? This is main question becouse this is real pain right now

    Citrix strarted stripping XENserver after 7.2 release, also They are aware of free, the "real" free version of xs which is xcp-ng. So I wonder if future of xcp is at danger? I mean citrix for sure stripped xs functionality to force users to move over paid versios, so could They somehow influence of development of xcp? Meaning could they somehow broke it, dont release features that could be in future releases of xcp-ng?

  • Admin

    1. 2TiB limit: no. VHD format is limited by design to 2TiB. SMAPIv3 is not yet production ready (qcow2 format is used, without 2TiB limit). We are working on it to get all new SRs available on it, so… patience 🙂 Also be careful when you want to use very large disk in your VMs, this tends to get your VM less agile (longer migrate time, longer backup/recovery time)
    2. No danger. XCP-ng is based on the open source packages of XenServer. No chance Xen or XAPI will be closed in the future, because they are Linux Foundation project. Also, if you didn't, please see this FOSDEM video where I explain the future of XCP-ng project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpGC5zuLjSs

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