@thorcraftit seems like perhaps a permissions error, what does your share properties on truenas look like for this host? Is the allowed IP or denied IP boxes populated at all? Attach a screenshot if you can. Here's what mine looks like:


Note that the mapall user and group must have permissions on the shared folder, I typically create a user on the freenas system just for xen shares, and give it ownership of the folder/dataset that's being shared. this ensures you don't have any weird permissions issues. I think in your case the key boxes to examine are the authorized networks however.

What does your Services > NFS > Settings look like? here's mine:


Lastly and perhaps most importantly, can you run "yum install nmap" and then "nmap" on both a working host, and then this non-working host? Paste the results of both here - if they differ, for instance if the non-working server doesn't see any RPC services running like I suspect, that will heavily point towards a firewall/network/ACL issue