XCP-ng is now a Xen Project incubated solution

News Jan 28, 2020

We are very proud to announce that XCP-ng  is officially joining the Xen Project, an open source hypervisor hosted at the Linux Foundation.

The primary goal of XCP-ng is to deliver an easy way to deploy a VM based infrastructure using Xen as the hypervisor, and the powerful XAPI to deliver a turnkey, working out-of-the-box solution.

For XCP-ng, joining the Xen Project is a recognition that XCP-ng is, de facto, the Open Source Xen hypervisor distribution.

Why did we join Xen Project in the Linux Foundation?

XCP-ng project, since its very beginning, has had the ambition to gather a community of users and developers to create a complete, powerful and turnkey solution of virtualization while being a true Open Source solution. Joining the Xen Project will allow XCP-ng to become the bridge between the user community and the developers, acting as a default entry point for anyone wanting to join the ecosystem.

During the last year, we achieved a lot, not only regarding development, but also with regards to the community (more than 3000 people are using the forum!) and you might have noticed we are working quite a bit to expand the ecosystem around XCP-ng, including partnerships with colleges and others solutions that we think will benefit XCP-ng users (eg. LINBIT).

For our team, joining the Xen Project under the Linux Foundation banner was the obvious next move to reassure our trust in Open Source and to guarantee that the project will keep moving in the right direction regarding its governance.

What will change for XCP-ng?

In fact, joining the Xen Project won't change the way we are working around XCP-ng Project very much. We will continue to invest resources for innovation, we will still recruit 6 new developers in 2020 and we are still focused on the same objective: to create the best turnkey, Open Source, virtualization platform on the market.

However, you can expect us to be more and more involved in the Xen Project itself and to contribute more and more to the development of the hypervisor in order to improve each layer of the XCP-ng Project.

We will also attend and sponsor more events related to the Xen Project across the world. Speaking of which:

Meet both our teams during FOSDEM

XCP-ng and the Xen team will share a booth during this years FOSDEM event. This is the perfect opportunity to meet and share with the developers of the project.

Our CEO, Olivier, will also be giving a conference during the event about the Landscape of new challenges in modern virtualization platforms.

All information about this coming event are available on this blogpost.

Xen Summit - Bucharest - June 2 - 4th 2020

This year again, Vates intends to be a sponsor of the Xen Summit event and our team will be there to exchange with all of the Xen Community about the upcoming evolution in Xen as well as sharing XCP-ng innovations!

Stay tuned for more information about this event!


Marc Pezin

CMO at Vates since 2017, I have been at the forefront of shaping and advancing the communication strategies and business development initiatives for Vates Virtualization Management Stack.