Netdata plugin for XCP-ng

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    For those who don't know, Netdata is a kind of "agent" that gather metrics and expose a nice dashboard in live. See a live demo here:

    We asked Netdata devs to add Xen related metrics, and guess what, they did it!

    It's still in a dev branch right now, but you can see the Xen related chart in the first link given.

    What's great with Netdata is the fact you can "stream" to a central Netdata host ("push data" model, no need to declare anything in your central monitoring host) and also connect this central node to a Prometheus/Grafana to get long term metrics.

    For those who want to test right now with Xen metrics:

    ⚠ This is NOT recommended in production until we got a binary package, this could BREAK your host ⚠

    yum install yajl-devel xen-dom0-libs-devel libuuid-devel zlib-devel zlib automake autoconf git make gcc --enablerepo='base'
    git clone --branch xenstat
    cd netdata

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