free space of backup drive reported incorrect

  • Dear all,

    I've got a suspicious topic about reporting of free space of backup HDDs. First of all my system:

    • XCP-ng latest version incl. all updates
    • XO from sources, latest version

    First of all, the vm backup is working as expected, no issues with non-working backups.

    About the backup situation:

    • raid1 HDD (each HDD 1 TB) for backup as local drive on XCP-ng
    • vmbackup connected to XOA via additional disk
    • vmbackup formated in XOA with ext3 or ext4 (doesn't make any difference for the issue)
    • vmbackup path defined as "local drive" in "remotes setting page" of XOA

    Issue: remaining free space on backup drive is not reported correct (used / free)

    • report of XOA "remote settings page": 297.86 GB / 856.13 GB -> these are the right values
    • report of XOA "disk page of VM": 37.87 GB / 870.8 GB -> wrong after deleting some backups
    • report of XCP-ng "storage": 37.87 GB / 870.8 GB -> wrong after deleting some backups

    The issue seem to be if removing some backups, the free space is reported within VM page in the right way (also "df" show the right values), but the remaining space after deleting is not reported back to XCP-ng?

    Has anyone an idea about the issue?

  • Just a guess, but there may be a coalescence process that needs to run, which updates the views where you are seeing this "wrong information".

    Does the issue persist if you delete a few backups and then wait a few hours and look at the report again?

  • Deleting updates does show no difference, it is never updated, even waiting for some days. Also a reboot does not make any difference.

    screenshot from "remotes" in XOA:

    screenshot from "storage" of host:

    If setting up the share completely new, free space is reported correct. After deleting old backups, free space is only correct in remotes.

  • XCP-ng Team

    I don't even understand why you have both a SR and a remote at the same place. Both MUST be different.

  • that's relatively easy to explain, only the naming is doubled:

    • the backup-hdd are local disks raid1 in xcp-ng and there brought to xcp-ng as a local "vmbackup" volume, called vmbackup
    • on xcp-ng-volume a disk is created with the name "backup_raid1_1tb" and connected as 2nd disk (xvdb) to XO


    • to make the disk available for backup-usage the disk xvdb is mounted via "remote" as a local
    • now usage for backup-ng is possible, but the usage is not xo_disks

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