USB Hard drives for VM exports

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    I am trying XO looks nice. My installation is very smal. The are two serves as a "HA" cluster (yes more are better) and a apklication server. HA with HA Lizard. So there ar now three servers and a very small head with XO. I am using a HP-Thinclient with 4GYte RAM an 16GByte SSD. It runs fine, I try the xcp update it runns perfect.

    Now i will try the export VMs. Will be pefect on a external USB3.0 Disk.

    Will be nice to had a button 4 mounting/unmounting USB Drives.

    It is possibel to store the export files localy ?

  • XCP-ng Team

    So you'd like to avoid another server to store the backup? I would say it's doable, but if you can buy a very cheap NAS with NFS, put it in another room, you'll get FAR more security for a low cost.

  • Hello Oliver

    I didnt understand why a NAS is more save than a local to XO connectet hard drive ?
    And need mutch more energie.. And more Networktrafic...

    My my coustumer can change the HDD every day and wie let run the Exports of snapshout by nigth.

    If i store the exports via NAS external the networktrafic is doubel high.. Move them the XO mashine than to the NAS.

    And i need 2 NAS systems to leave the officce.. (when the officie is burning down or sombody seal the IT - stuff.

    Coutryside has no good Internet Infrastrukture (symetric fiber cahnale with 100 or 200Gbit can costs 1000€ per month if ther is some) and we pay around 030€/kW

    My costumer had VDSL2 wich 300/50Mbit so ist no option to sore it external ..

  • XCP-ng Team

    1. Because if your server is taking fire/water/electrical or any physical issue, having a box at another place (even just at another room close to it) is far far far safer. Really, it worth every $ of this very low investment.
    2. XO backups aren't meant to work like that. If you want to plug/unplug the HDD, this will require something in XO VM to be able to get the mount working when needed.
    3. Having a HDD plugged for "ever" will work, but you are in case 1. in terms of safety

  • @olivierlambert

    Hello Olivier

    witch directory will bused by soringing the VM images '?

  • XCP-ng Team

    Sorry I don't understand what you meant.

  • @olivierlambert said in USB Hard drives for VM exports:

    Having a HDD plugged for "ever" will work, but you are in case 1. in terms of safety

    you are writing

    1. Having a HDD plugged for "ever" will work, but you are in case 1. in terms of safety

    on witch place i had to mount the HDD ?

  • XCP-ng Team

    You'll need to pass the drive directly to XOA VM. Plug the USB HDD, and then you should be able to add it in the VM view/disk tab, Attach, select the USB drive. That's it.

  • thx i will try it 🙂 soon

  • @axel said in USB Hard drives for VM exports:

    thx i will try it 🙂 soon

    expect very. slow. data. transfer 🙂

  • Now i am moving a step forward :-). I dont let XO runing in a VM my XO is running on a Thin-Client (HP620 16GSSD and 4GByte RAM 1GBit Nic) with Debian. The Debian installation was a lill bit tricky but now its running. Thanks for the debian / ubuntu install script is running perfekt.
    The USB3.0 HDD is connectet and mounted on /Backup.
    Reading from USB drive with dd

    dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/dev/null bs=100M count=10

    Result 130MByte/sec

    Debian and XO needs fresh 1,7Gbyte HDD-Space.

    My XCP-NG servers are found with there VMs 🙂

    Next step testing Backup ...

    thx Axel

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