Feature suggestion: attach an existing SR in XO

  • AFAIK XO can only create a new storage repository, it would be nice to being able to attach an existing one as well.

  • XCP-ng Team

    I think we already have this, but you can try to confirm (it works for iSCSI and NFS IIRC):

    • New/SR
    • Add the info
    • if should warn there is a previous/existing SR on this iSCSI/NFS share and you can reconnect.

  • I see, there IS a reattach feature but it's not entirely obvious.

    When I click on the white chain, blue background "Reattach SR" icon it creates an iSCSI SR named "[object HTMLInputElement]" and the xsconsole says it's "detached and not usable by this host".
    So it doesn't appear to work as intended, at least not in git version e88848c44 from a few days back.

    If I click the "Create" button after having clicked "Reattach" I get a warning about existing VDIs will be deleted and that's also what happens when I go through with it.

    I also suggest placing button next to the "Create" one. Like this


  • XCP-ng Team

    Thanks for your feedback, please open an issue here to describe that so XO devs will improve it: http://github.com/vatesfr/xen-orchestra/issues/new


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