Weird issues migrating VMs between hosts

  • Hey there. I'm coming from a Microsoft Hyper-V background and have been evaluating XCP-NG with Xen Orchestra. I've been running into some really squirrelly issues migrating VMs from one machine to another. I apologize for the length of this post but I want to make sure I include all relevant details.
    XO version: 5.44.0 community edition built from source today
    XCP-NG Version: 7.6 with all updates as of today.

    Machine 1: Dell R720, Dual E5-2670v1 CPUs, 128gb RAM, PERC H710P. OS installed on RAID1 mirrored SSDs. Extra Datastore 1: 6x 800gb SSDs in RAID6, Datastore 2: 800gb NVME SSD.

    Machine 2: Lenovo ThinkServer TS140, Xeon E3 1225v3, 24gb RAM, 256gb SSD

    Machines 3 and 4: Dell Optiplex 7010, each with Core i5 3470 CPU, 16gb of RAM each and a 256gb SSD.

    The above configuration is my lab. I'm testing mostly with Debian 9/10 VMs and a couple Windows 10 Pro VMs. Each VM has XCP-NG tools installed and Windows 10 VMs have the Xen Tools from Windows Update. I do not have shared storage and each machine above is its own "pool".

    The issue I am running into is that whenever I try to migrate a machine, whether it is powered off or running, to the R720 host's datastores other than the OS drive, the migration will look like it went through, will show up in the tasks, but the VM will never move. If I select the OS drive storage as the target, most of the time it will move but not always. If the machine is running when I attempt the move, it will become unresponsive and error out (sorry, don't have the exact error handy right now) and will not allow me to shut it down. If I try to reboot the host, I get an error that it can't shut down due to the stuck VM. I have to reboot it at the terminal. Once it reboots, the VM will start up and run.

    I know this isn't Xen Orchestra related but another weird thing I've noticed is that when using XCP-NG Center (v8), I can migrate any VM from any host one time, but if I try to migrate a second VM, no matter which host it is coming from or going to, the next button is greyed out unless I close and reopen XCP-NG Center.

    I do not know where to go in order to get detailed logs in XCP-NG, nor how to interpret the errors I did receive. If you guys can point me to where I can look for logs I can reproduce the problem and post exact error messages here. Any help with this would be appreciated!

  • XCP-ng Center Team

    @coolrunnings82 said in Weird issues migrating VMs between hosts:

    no matter which host it is coming from or going to, the next button is greyed out unless I close and reopen XCP-NG Center.

    Its a known bug, it's fixed but not released yet.

  • @borzel Thanks for the heads up on that. Glad to know that is fixed. Any ideas on the other issue?

  • XCP-ng Center Team

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