Moving VMs in a multi-pool setup

  • I am moving some VMs to different storage, into a large NFS partition. My hosts are grouped into 2 pools, which have different purposes, so I run different VMs in each pool.
    I am copying the VM, then deleting the original, as there is a problem with the existing storage. Every copy I make from pool1 is ending up in pool2. That is surprising since I never added the destination storage to pool2, but XOA can see it all and just makes it happen.
    Is there a way I can make XOA copy into the original pool?

  • Admin

    If you copy on the storage connected on pool2, it's normal to have the VM in pool2. So I'm not sure about the issue here. Maybe I didn't get the whole thing.

  • Olivier - the destination storage was attached to the wrong pool. It was behaving correctly, but not doing what I wanted.

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