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    The forum recommended a new topic on this, so ...

    I have a VM running Ubuntu 18.04 on XCP 8, created with the Bionic Beaver template. I created the VM with XO 5.46 initially, but its also with XCP-ng Center. Install runs just fine, but upon reboot, the console that should host the graphical desktop is a blank screen with just a cursor blinking. Alt to another console, and the CLI login is available.

    If I go into Advanced Settings in XO and turn off "VGA" and then reboot the VM, the window manager comes up just fine, but as would be expected, the usability is terrible. Windows won't refresh without actually grabbing with the mouse and moving them, etc.

    Anyone have any thoughts on it?


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    No problem here on 19.04, and I don't remember having any issue with 18.04 but I can test later if you like. On your side, you could try a 19.04 too 🙂

  • @olivierlambert I try to stick with the LTS in this environment, but if needs be, I suppose I can move to the standard release. Did you use the 18.04 template for that, or "Other media"?

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    I'm using the 18.04 template.

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