Netdata package is now available in XCP-ng

  • @olivierlambert I'm experiencing something similar. I recently installed XCP-ng, and the trial Premium license. But it also gives me the netdata not available error. I also don't think I have a xapi0:

    uuid ( RO)                : 35124aac-2b87-4fff-8bc7-44ac346437fa
              name-label ( RW): Host internal management network
        name-description ( RW): Network on which guests will be assigned a private link-local IP address which can be used to talk XenAPI
                  bridge ( RO): xenapi
    uuid ( RO)                : e2e0991c-17a1-22ce-1b3c-ba5178105b7a
              name-label ( RW): Pool-wide network associated with eth4
        name-description ( RW):
                  bridge ( RO): xenbr4
    uuid ( RO)                : 63d1ff98-833c-f39f-cc65-d5843b20b037
              name-label ( RW): Pool-wide network associated with eth3
        name-description ( RW):
                  bridge ( RO): xenbr3
    uuid ( RO)                : 8b649421-9686-d09c-19f0-8726c04f9134
              name-label ( RW): Pool-wide network associated with eth0
        name-description ( RW):
                  bridge ( RO): xenbr0
    uuid ( RO)                : 8c47afa9-3bc0-dec0-3c2e-cd304d28b064
              name-label ( RW): Pool-wide network associated with eth2
        name-description ( RW):
                  bridge ( RO): xenbr2
    uuid ( RO)                : 37e022e3-d5dd-e0ea-0be6-e2f07d6c75fc
              name-label ( RW): Pool-wide network associated with eth1
        name-description ( RW):
                  bridge ( RO): xenbr1

    I would prefer to use the integrated installation, so that I can be assured of compatibility, etc. Thanks in advance. The product is awesome!

  • @stormi @olivierlambert

    Trying to install it on my xcp-ng host and it having issue with the mirrors.

    Do we need to do anything else?


  • XCP-ng Team

    You had the same issue with two different mirrors according to the message, so I'd first look at network issues or configuration.

  • @stormi

    Just tired downloading one of the package from my other computer and it worked. issue seem to only be with my xcp-ng host. not sure how to troubleshoot this.

  • XCP-ng Team

    I can't help right now myself but I'm sure other users will have ideas. Can you open a separate thread since it's not directly related to netdata?

  • @stormi

    Thank you! Got it working and looking good.

    Troubleshooting non related to Netdata.
    I remember I change my upstream DNS to Quad 9 recently (1 week ago) and I just change it to Cloudflair ( and it was the problem.

    Look like Quad 9 ( does not like the Mirrors for some reason.

  • @olivierlambert Just installed netdata package on our xcp-ng cluster. Its running like expected but i can only get ram / memory metrics from the dom0. Is there any way to get the full ram metrics from all VMs / host?


  • XCP-ng Team

    As far as I know, they should be available. I/O metrics aren't at the moment, but RAM should be.

  • @stormi Could it be that there is any difference between the "netdata-ui" rpm package you provide and the official netdata rpm packages?


    Or could it be that it's related to XCP-NG 7.x? Because our cluster is still running 7.x ...

  • XCP-ng Team

    There definitly is. Ours is built with xen support. You seem to have enabled CentOS and/or EPEL repositories on your host, which is not recommended.


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