Back up only the OS disk

  • I have an SQL Server instance which has a 1TB main drive disk and then a shed load (technical term 😉 ) of other disks for storing the databases. The whole thing takes up too much disk space for snapshotting to work.

    Is there any means to use XO to back up just the boot disk and not back up the data drives? These are backed up by other means anyway.

  • XCP-ng Team

    You can avoid transferring some disk data with the [NOBAK] title in the VM disk. However, a VM snapshot isn't capable of ignoring a disk. This would require a change either in the way we do backup in XO (not using VM.snapshot, but VDI.snapshot instead) or modify XCP-ng API to support VM.snapshot with excluded disk.

    The first option will make quiesce snapshots impossible. The other one is a bit more complicated to realize, but not impossible.

    The issue already exists in our bug tracker:

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